2018 OFFICERS:  


President: Michelle Hogan
(586)  246-6261


Vice President: Carol Orzechowski


Treasurer:  Roger Doyle


Secretary: Lianna Frazer


Adrienne Nowakowski
John Shaw

Leslie Stearn

Regina Wolicki


New Show Superintendent!!!


Show Chair: Arden Shaw

Asst. Show Chair: Carol Orzechowski

Advertising: Roger & Pam Doyle

                       Adrienne & John                                      Nowakowski

Barn Hunt: Arden Shaw

Catalog Sales:  Leslie Stearns &

                            JoAnne Mowers

Canine Good Citizen Test:

                            Bambi Platz

Cleanup: Holly Band Program

Grounds: John Shaw

Lure Coursing: Lianna Frazer

Health Clinic: Michelle Hogan &

                          Lianna Frazer

Judges Hospitality: Dave Dau &

                                    Bambi Platz

Parking: Roger Doyle & Dave Mocan

RV Parking: John Novakowski

Sweepstakes: Michelle Hogan
Trophies: Carol Orzechowski

                   Carol Mocan
Vendors: John Shaw

​​​​​AKC Community Outreach:

John Nowakowski

Website Management:

​Arden Shaw







The Macomb Kennel Club is dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs . Founded in 2007, its mission is to promote and protect dogs of all breeds, encourage good sportsmanship, conduct events under the authority of the American Kennel Club (AKC), and to educate the general public in responsible dog ownership.

The interests and expertise of our membership are diverse.  Some of our members are obedience and behavioral instructors, conformation show instructors, dog show handlers, field trial judges, conformation, earthdog, lure-coursing, tracking, field, and herding competitors.

We produce several competitive events each August at Springfield Oaks 4H County Park Fairgrounds in Davisburg, MI that are sanctioned by the American Kennel Club.  We also occasionally offer Health Clinics, AKC Good Citizen Tests, and all-breed competiton practice events for puppies, young adult dogs, and youngsters, and we host Barn Hunt and Lure Coursing events.

Macomb Kennel Club does more than sponsor dog shows and competitive events.  We recognize our responsibility to our members and guests by offering mini education programs at a few meetings each year which are open to the public.  These presentations cover a wide range of themes, including local, state, and national breed legislation issues, breeding concerns, various health and veterinary topics, training, estate planning with dogs in mind, and general responsibilities of good dog ownership.  (See the Events tab for  future club happenings.)

We also offer referrals to responsible breeders and many community resources. (Check out the ‘Finding Your Perfect Dog’ – with our club’s Breeder Directory tab and the ‘Community Resources for Dog Owners’ tab on this site.

As a responsible member of the Macomb County community, members participate in many area events.  Several participate with their dogs in Canine Therapy Dog programs by visiting nursing homes, senior centers, local hospitals, schools, group homes, and libraries.  Other assist by being actively involved in a variety of breed rescue, shelter and adoption programs.

If you are a like-minded individual or family, live in the area, and would like to know more about the Macomb Kennel Club, you are invited to attend any of our general meetings.


The club meets monthly on the second

Tuesday each month except December

(first Tues.) at 7:30 p.m. at the Hamlin Pub,

48929 Hayes Road, Shelby Township, MI


The Macomb Kennel Club offers three kinds of membership, open to anyone 

in good standing with AKC.

Types of Membership are:

Individual (one vote) – 18 years of age and older

Junior (non-voting) – under 18 years old

Family (two votes) – Two persons in the same household, 18 years of age and older

Prospective members are required to

•         Obtain an approved form from the Secretary

•         attend two General Meetings and have their application read to the  members                   (voting on the application will occur at the second meeting attended)

•         commit to adherence to the club’s Code of Ethics and Bylaws

•         be sponsored by two MKC members

•         pay the first year’s dues

We hope by joining the club you will also take part in putting on our June weekend of shows and special events and participate in other club functions. Even if you cannot attend, there is much work to be shared prior to June.  From time to time, other committee work is necessary and we hope you might find yourself becoming a contributing member.


JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP - A word about the sport of purebred dogs yet to come –

Young adults, ‘Juniors’, are important to the future of the sport of dogs and responsible dog ownership, and the more they learn the more valuable they become.  The attitudes, values, and responsibility learned through Junior Showmanship will serve youngsters well in other areas of their lives.

Macomb Kennel Club promotes and encourages the showing of dogs of all breeds in AKC junior performance and companion events.  Our senior members work to advance the knowledge and participation of Juniors in the show ring, dog sports arena, and field events, by providing thoughtful mentoring and advice and by encouraging sportsmanlike conduct.

To learn more about Junior Showmanship, visit:

And visit the AKC Kids Corner for all sort of school, art, dog ownership learning information for kids:


Macomb Kennel Club   Est. 2007

                                     An All-breed Dog Club Sanctioned by the American Kennel Club